I believe it's important to be good stewards of our bodies and our environment. It's true that we live in a polluted world but there are some practical things that we can do to make better decisions for ourselves, for others and for our environment. Most any substance on Earth can be toxic if it's out of balance, the key is to try to find an appropriate balance in a confusing and sometimes misleading environment. We only have one body, no trade-ins, so it's best to use the most natural means of sustaining our health. I have compiled a list of resources that may help you with making decisions regarding choosing less toxic and healthier options for everyday choices.

Basic Guidelines for Toxic Free Living:

-Eat Organic when possible, especially the Dirty Dozen Fruits & Vegetables

-Avoid GMO Food Products (Especially Corn and Soy Products)

-Avoid Overprocessed Foods with Color/Preservative/Flavor Additives

-Avoid Refined Sugars/Corn Syrup/Artificial Sweeteners -Use Natural Sweeteners

-Don't Trust "All Natural", "Diet", "Fat Free"  or "Heart Healthy" type Products

-Read the Labels on Items You Buy and Learn What The Ingredients Are

-Store Foods in Glass & Avoid Non-Stick Coatings on Cookware

-Consider Non-Toxic Natural Cleaners, Detergents & Personal Care Products

-Consider Alternatives to Prescription/Non-Prescription Medications

-Consider Toxicity when Purchasing Home Furnishings, Building Materials, Clothing Etc.

Here's a list of websites with hepful info:

Environmental Working Group

Non-GMO Project


Food Label Guide

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